Symptoms & Diagnosis

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How Can I determine my Symptoms?

  1. Grinding of the teeth.
  2. TMJ.
  3. Clicking nosies occuring from the jaw when opening & closing mouth.
  4. Locked jaw.
  5. Migraines.
  6. Neck Pains.
  7. Collapsing of teeth & etc...

                            (Please take in to consideration that you may not experience all symptoms above)


               Depending on the symptoms and numerous amount of other things, Dr. Arakelian will find the correct
           way of healing the problem. Such as starting you off with a Night Guard which is a removable devices that
         you will use only while sleeping. Or even a Orthodic which is also a removable device in which Dr. Arakelian
        will tell you to maintain in your mouth for atleast 23 hours of the day and use that other hour for cleaning
       of the device & etc...   There are many other different ways for our guests to get rid of their symptoms and
        have permanent solution when it comes to their smile and well being. Please call today to schedule your
            FREE CONSULTATION at Oaks Dental Center & allow us to provide you with the care that you deserve!!

                                                    Removable Orthodic
                                                          Removable Orthodic

                                                          Removable Orthodic Placed in Mouth


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